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Projects have included:

  1. Trialling Performance-Based Standards for the regulation of high capacity vehicles in South Africa (with P. Nordengen, R. Berman, A. Steenkamp, L. Kemp, F. Kienhofer)
  2. Freight and Logistics in a Multimodal Context (FALCON) - Developing a PBS framework proposal for cross-border high capacity vehicles in Europe (with K. Kural, F. Schmidt, C. Van Geem, S. Kharrazi, R. Berman, D. Cebon, J. Woodrooffe)
  3. Independent trailer off-tracking estimation with stereo cameras and visual odometry (with D. Cebon)
  4. Articulation angle estimation for articulated heavy goods vehicles using a single cab-mounted camera (with D. Cebon)
  5. Low-cost vehicle simulation tools for low-speed manoeuvrability simulation and high-speed safety performance estimation (with R. Berman, F. Kienhofer)
  6. Tyre testing experiments using the CSIR's medium tyre-tester and Stress-In-Motion System (SIMS), including the implementation of camera-based slip angle measurement (with A. Clarke, J.D. Reinecke, R. Berman, M. Miyambo, N. Oliphant)
  7. Quantifying the environmental and economic impact of low-rolling resistance tyres in South Africa (with F. Kienhofer, X. Na, D. Cebon, H. Venter)
  8. Cycle commuting and cyclist safety